About Us

Engineering-led focus. Scaled services with a proactive approach. Highly strategic expertise.

Our Story

Parallo’s emphasis on bringing together great people is filtered from the top. In the late 90s the founders of Parallo first worked together for an IT Service Provider based in Auckland. Their paths have interwoven over the years from New Zealand to London and back again. During those years the trio led the way within the IT Services Provider market and brought award winning New Zealand first Cloud Services to market. In 2011 they took a stake in New Zealand’s market leading VMware professional Services business – ViFX to start the Managed Services business unit, managing large complex VMware & Commvault environments. This grew quickly, and in 2014, they added Azure support. In 2017 the business had grown to the point where it made sense to buy out the original ViFX shareholders. This concluded in June 2017, at which point the company re-branded to Parallo and has continued to enjoy significant growth.

We’re focused

It’s our experience, expertise, quality of execution and ease of doing business that make the difference. Clients tell us they choose us because we are not one of the big IT generalist shops. We are highly focused, with deep specialist capability. We are not IT generalists and we are OK to say no to opportunities that don’t leverage our core competencies, ensuring that when you do engage us, you are getting the best possible outcome.

We’re highly engaged

We want to make a measurable difference to our clients’ businesses. Our specialist consultants, project managers and engineers bring inspiration, fresh thinking and extensive experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of the relationships we build with our clients because they bring a deeper level of insight and contribute significantly to the quality of the outcome.

We're highly strategic

We partner with world leading technology providers. Together with the Parallo team’s deep insight, focus and expertise within the layers of these technologies, we enable innovative businesses to maximise their opportunities on the world stage. Parallo have been Azure specialists for half the platform’s life (created 2010) and are a Direct (Tier 1) CSP, Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, Fast Track for Azure Partner and a member of the invite only Azure Management Elite program. We are also a VMWare Enterprise partner and Commvault Partner.

Parallo became an accredited living wage employer in 2018. We believe that the minimum wage keeps people in poverty, and in many cases makes it not worth working. If enough businesses sign up to this, we’ll reinforce the requirement for the ecosystem around our businesses to pay a minimum of the living wage, which makes a significant difference to low income earners. If enough businesses sign up, there will be momentum to make it the norm, and we can positively impact the country as a whole.

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