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vCD and NSX – A match made in Clouds

By Sam Bentley     Today we're going to dive into what vCloud Director is, and how NSX supercharges it. We'll largely be focusing on what vCloud Director leverages out of NSX, but we'll also touch a little on the features within vCloud Director that enables Cloud...

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Securing Your Network and Protecting Your Applications with NSX

By Matthew Allford  A few years ago, over a few beers, I asked a Security Officer if they had ever answered a question with “yes”. I promptly got the answer I expected – “no” ?  After working relatively closely with Security Officers over the years, I understand their...

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A Fresh Approach to Your Application Security

By Harry Offer  In a world where security-related losses are increasing at a rate far higher than that spent on the counteracting security, companies are falling victim far more frequently, and when they do, the cost of the breach is exponentially higher.An article...

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Can we secure the DC with VMware?

By Shaun Webber Having recently been sniffed out at customs with an unknown banana in my bag, I thought about border security. I then thought about the different areas of our business and the role we play in securing our customers environments. I discussed with the...

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