On-premises outcomes, cloud like commercials.

On-premises outcomes, cloud like commercials.

Parallo Private Cloud brings the power of cloud to the customer’s data centre enabling companies to comply easily with data sovereignty requirements and improve performance by locating cloud resources close to users. Let us take care of the capital expenditure, updates, upgrades, expansion and the headaches that go with operating On-premises VMware infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

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Private Cloud as a Service

You get the financial model of public cloud, without compromising on the physical security benefits of a dedicated, on-premises environment. Get an easy monthly subscription service that includes everything – hardware, software, design, install, expansion, upgrades – all wrapped up in one easy to understand monthly fee. Scales up and down, pay for what you use.


Modular Architecture

Parallo Private Cloud is based on a modular architecture which enables customers to flex up and down to suit requirements. We’ve leveraged our experience of building many Private Cloud environments to create an extensible reference architecture for Parallo Private Cloud.

Low Touch

Low Touch

Parallo fully manages the platform. This includes 24×7 monitoring and management, all updates, patches, firmware upgrades, expansion projects, hardware refresh and other distracting non-differentiating activities that take your staff away from your focus. Parallo can automate aspects of the platform, and offer APIs for your ITSM platforms to integrate with.



A PPC is the lowest cost way to have your workloads on fully managed hardware. A single tenant environment removes the overhead and complexity of Multi-tenancy, which for most tenants offer little benefit. In a single tenant environment those complexities and costs are not present, enabling a much lower cost.

“With the Azure platform expertly managed by Parallo,
we’re now set up to be at the leading edge
of the innovation curve.”

Mark McCaughan

Mark McCaughan, Merlot Aero | CEO


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