Operational platform tasks smother business growth


Too many SaaS founders and CEOs get stuck over-investing their time in tasks that are urgent – but don't contribute to the mission-critical activities of generating income or building the product. Approximately 40% of working hours are spent on tasks that don't generate revenue, resulting in a loss of market share to competitors as product innovation takes a back seat.

Operational busywork won't take your start-up to grown-up. Scaling means more complexity and risk, and more demands on your time and resources, just to keep the lights on. This takes you away from what you should be focusing on: customer acquisition and retention, increasing revenue and getting releases out to market to keep funding lines open.

Business growth


Build your business into a world leader, fast, and with minimum disruption.

To scale, you need to scale technically, and despite the promise of the cloud, that’s not always achievable. In most SaaS companies, it’s the lack of growth that often starts their ultimate demise. You need to ensure your architecture and operations are set up to support growth from the start:


  • Build for the market you want - from the beginning, your business and software need to be built with your millionth user in mind, not your tenth.
  • Recognise your limits - you can only build to the limit of your capability. Learning that early gives you an advantage because you can get the help you need to build for scale. Product teams need to be focused on building what customers need, not wasting time on platform management.
  • Keep your eyes on the roadmap - remove those tasks so your people have the headspace to properly plan the product roadmap and then execute on product development and feature releases.
Scale SaaS Money

You don't want to be a start-up forever - no one does.

Set your SaaS Business for Scale

We've seen first-hand what helps companies scale at pace - and what holds them back. In this eBook, we pull together our collective knowledge to give you a simple 'how to' on setting your SaaS business for scale.

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  • Getting your updates to market fast
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  • Controlling cash burn

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Here is a start-up that we helped recently


Cin7 partnered with Parallo to enable global scale, cost efficiency and a relentless focus on product development.


Quote - Danny Ing
DevOps strategies - eBook

RESOURCE: Greasing the SaaS pipeline

How to optimise your software’s development and deployment processes using proven DevOps strategies.


Security shouldn't take a back seat, because it's key to maintaining your reputation and customer trust. You need to put some security guardrails around your march to application maturity.

Selecting a secure cloud platform and building robust security systems into your software is fundamental, but you also need to optimise your cloud platform and the software itself, to spot threats, close gaps and prevent breaches.


Security ecosystem

A comprehensive security ecosystem for Software and SaaS companies

We understand that sometimes managing your security posture in the cloud can take a back seat to more immediate business priorities.

Parallo can help your SaaS company safeguard with managed security services, including platform support, application security testing and vCISO consulting and advisory services.


Further, faster, safer: a security roadmap for SaaS creators and Software Companies

 This eBook discusses how to put some security guardrails around your march to application maturity.


Further, Faster eBook

How can a SaaS company avoid bill shock?

A big part of scaling is keeping costs down, particularly if you’re working towards a capital raise or sale. Bill shock is common and totally avoidable. Having someone keeping an eye on every cent that goes out of the business is ideal, but hardly practical. The alternative is to invest in systems that monitor and optimise platform costs.

Automated cost analysis functionality will reduce costs by identifying waste, and can help you optimise spend as your cloud use dynamically changes according to demand. That spend can go back into the business for product innovation and growth


Here is another start-up that we helped recently


Global Airline SaaS vendor Merlot Aero have been liberated to focus on their product, leaving the management of their cloud Platform to the specialists at Parallo

Quote - Mark McCaughan
Cloud Platform Commandments eBook

Cloud Platform Commandments: How to maximise performance and optimise costs

Our eBook Cloud Platform Commandments discusses the common cloud challenges businesses face and offers commandments to follow to help you overcome them.


What’s the best way to retain existing customers?

Retain customers

Yes, gaining new customers is important, but not to the detriment of expanding the value of existing customers. Nailing the user experience will ensure you activate, retain and upsell your customers, and that means your application functionality and performance is make-or-break.

Getting it right all comes back to streamlining operations, speeding up feature releases and solving performance and reliability issues before they affect your (new and existing) customer experience.

Some of the most successful SaaS companies have a secret weapon – Parallo


Optimising performance, security, availability and cost are at the heart of what we do here at Parallo. Our speciality lies in taking care of the platform, so your teams can focus on what they do best, and you can focus on business growth.

App migration & transformation

App Migration & Transformation

Our engineers utilise up-to-date knowledge, skill and capability to transform your applications and move them into the cloud.

Read about our on-premises to cloud migration methodology for Software and SaaS creators

Cloud platform management

Cloud Platform Management

Make use of our specialised services to optimise your public cloud experience. Effectively track and control expenditure and take advantage of new cloud features and services as they are released.

You’ll have transparency around the components and cost of your public cloud resources.

Parallo Automation Library

Parallo Automation Library

The Parallo Automation Library is the encapsulation of over multiple years of hard work and lessons learned managing cloud platforms at scale.

Automated corrective actions, waste detection processes, ticketing system integration, slack integration and other features help monitor cloud environments 24×7 to ensure optimised behaviour across security, performance, availability and cost.  

With the Azure platform expertly managed by Parallo, we’re now set up to be at the leading edge of the innovation curve.
Mark McCaughan

Mark McCaughan

Merlot Aero | CEO

Parallo have really blended well into the Cin7 engineering team to give us consultancy advice on architectural direction, as well as actually joining in with the team and getting some of the heavy lifting done and working with our engineers to get some of those outcomes.
Ian Randall

Ian Randall

Head of Engineering | Cin7

Parallo manage the Azure Infrastructure for all our customers, which allows us to just keep on rolling with what we do, which is design, development, testing and deployment.
Brett Hancock

Brett Hancock

Founder | Born Digital

I don’t have to learn about hardware and servers and uptime, and databases anymore. I can focus on the product and make sure that it is as competitive as possible in the market we’re in.
Danny Ing

Danny Ing

Founder and Chief Architect | Cin7

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