Ali Alrubayee


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde 

Being in sales all of his adult life, from cold calling, to door to door, B2C, B2B, you name it, Ali always found himself asking: "It's not a matter of how to provide a solution, it's what solution should I be providing?"

Ali always loved talking to people, presenting, networking, and going the extra mile to figure out how to provide the best value he can for the client.

However, the one thing that was missing for the first few years of adulthood was the "what" factor, he always knew he wanted to be in front of people, he knew he wanted to present solutions to problems, and help others reach their goals, which will simultaneously help him reach his.

After finishing university with a Bachelor of Information Technology, Ali found himself working for a sales agency, where he was given a client to book qualified meetings for, he was making 120-150 calls per day, and helped break that NZ based startup company into the Unites States, and Australia. That client just so happened to be a SaaS company.

During that time, he learnt a little more about SaaS, and after 18 months of working there, he found his “what.”

Since then, Ali spent time working in cybersecurity, but as soon as he spent some time learning about Parallo, he realised very quickly where he wanted to be.

Outside of work, Ali is a basketball and NBA fanatic, if he’s not spending time with his long-time girlfriend, he’s probably at the basketball courts.

Ali Alrubayee

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