Gareth Beaumont


“It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become!
~Dr. Seuss

Gareth has 20+ years of experience and exposure to a wide range of IT systems, frameworks, and best practices (and not so best), having started tools in hand as a developer and progressed through to his last role as CIO and CISO for a global health tech. His current niche is domain knowledge in the Microsoft cloud space and the correlation to global information technology and information security requirements that his previous companies and now Parallo customers can benefit from.

When not seated in front of monitors, Gareth (and, by default, his whole family) are out mountain biking, tramping, surfing, skiing/boarding and generally just trying to tire his children out! Sadly, it is something that is getting harder to achieve year by year!


Gareth Beaumont

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