Jacquiline Jomy

Service Delivery Manager

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is good work today.”

Jacquiline has worked in the ICT industry for over 12 years in service delivery, leading the operations team and managing key accounts. As a result, she has had broad exposure across all aspects of service delivery. Jacquiline is thankful she had great opportunities to meet some wonderful people during these years.

As the world is moving towards Cloud Based platforms, she is thrilled to start her next advancement with a Microsoft Partner - Parallo.

In a nutshell, Jacquiline is a:

  • Listener
  • Strategic thinker
  • People person
  • Learner
  • Self-motivated

Outside work, she loves being with her young family or out with friends, and she has recently developed an interest in fishing!





Jacqueline Headshot

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