Liam Andrew


“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.” ~William Gibson

Liam has always been interested in systems and how they work, how they react, and how they break. After emerging from university with an MSc and a mountain of debt, he decided to switch from biology to technology (at least these systems have documentation and support contracts!). He got his start in IT on the helpdesk & eventually worked his way up to being a monitoring, observability and security specialist.


When he’s not being paid to stare at a screen, you’ll usually find Liam staring at screens at home or sometimes smaller screens elsewhere. There have been scattered sightings of him outside, but these remain unsubstantiated. Liam enjoys Sci-fi, tinkering in his home lab and occasionally a bit of gaming (all unusual for an IT professional).



Liam Andrew

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