Matt McGrath 


“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

Most people think that this quote (translated roughly, “Who watches the watchmen?”), speaks about government oversight, checks and balances on political power, the surveillance state… but I think Juvenal was really talking about monitoring systems that watch IT infrastructure and the people who watch them.

Matt has been watching monitoring systems and watching those who watch monitoring systems for a decade now. He enjoys using automation to do his work for him (including parenting) and likes to find ways to solve business problems using technology. With a background working at managed service providers, he’s well versed in the Microsoft stack, both on-prem and in the cloud, and he uses that to deliver outcomes for customers.

After completing his degree in Finance, Matt started his corporate career working in the fast-paced foreign exchange trading market. Nowadays, he appreciates the leisurely pace of the technology industry, with its comparatively infrequent changes and stable outlook.

While he still likes to keep an eye on the markets, you’re more likely to find Matt spending time with his young family, walking, biking, or on his motorbike – if the weather’s good.

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