Nrupal Manocha


"Compare yourself not to others, but to who you were yesterday."

Nrupal is a motivated and technically proficient individual with a Master's degree from the University of Technology Sydney. After earning certifications and gaining extensive knowledge and affinity for cloud technologies, Nrupal made a strategic move to work as an Azure Cloud Engineer.

Since starting his career as an Infrastructure Support Intern in 2020, he has consistently showcased a strong acumen for IT projects and infrastructure solutions. With a relentless pursuit to be the best version of himself, Nrupal is eager to apply his expertise in client engagements, wholeheartedly contributing to organizational goals.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nrupal finds great joy and fulfilment in engaging in sports like cricket and badminton, where he relishes the camaraderie of friends and teammates. Maintaining a well-balanced life, he consistently prioritizes workouts, which are a constant source of motivation and focus on his life's journey.



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