Prateek Bansal


“Discipline, more than mere talent, is the key to unlocking one's potential for greatness.”

Prateek brings a variety of experience from diverse industries spanning electronics, manufacturing, and IT. His academic journey began in India with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, leading him to the United States, where he achieved a Master's in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Oakland University, Michigan.

 2021 marked a transformative chapter with a transition from the manufacturing arena in the US to the dynamic world of IT in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand.

Starting his IT career as a Data Engineer, Prateek quickly pivoted to the role of an Automation Engineer. His intrinsic desire to evolve guided him into the DevOps domain. The allure of cloud technology became irresistible, and Prateek joined Parallo as an Azure Cloud Engineer.

His ambition revolves around bolstering clients' business foundations by optimising their Azure Cloud infrastructure, ensuring cost-efficiency, security, peak performance, and unwavering availability.

Beyond the screens and servers, the cricket field is where Prateek finds solace every weekend, with the tennis ball often becoming an opponent to reckon with. When not on the pitch, the culinary world beckons him, as he artfully blends the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine.



Prateek Bansal

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