Ravindu Pathirana


“It always seems impossible until it's done.” - Nelson Mandela 

Ravi graduated from Massey University with a degree in Aviation and he is a qualified CPL holder. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Ravi decided to expand his skills and knowledge. Sales was a pathway that he has always wanted to pursue since being exposed to it while doing a part time job during his time at university. Having the opportunity to work for Parallo has sparked Ravi's passion further and allowed him to expand his knowledge within the SaaS industry.

A fun fact about Ravi is that himself and his mum built her newest salon from the ground up, literally. During lockdown they worked on the flooring, painting, built walls, plastering and all the interior design.

Outside of work Ravi is usually playing sports, either cricket, basketball, golf or football, spending time with his four rabbits and going to the gym.

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