Sana Oshika


“There are more things in heaven and in earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Sana (she/her) comes from a developer background, or as her mother phrases it, "adding and removing buttons from websites". As a DevOps engineer, she now ensures those buttons are always there when your customers need them.

Due to her experience at high growth startups such as Pushpay, she knows the challenges faced by teams and is dedicated to helping developers ship fast with low friction. Collaborating cross-functionally comes naturally to her and she will work to understand your business context in order to deliver best value. In addition, she has a particular interest in security and keeps up to date with the changing landscape.

Outside work, Sana maintains an ever-growing ankle high jungle on her apartment balcony. She is a competitive pub quizzer and is full of (largely useless) trivia and (generally bad) puns. This service comes pro-groan-o.

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