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Maximise uptime, minimise disruption and never get caught short when trouble strikes. Specialist IT services for SaaS businesses and Enterprise.

Delivering world-class design, build and run services

Parallo exists to enable Innovative businesses to maximise their opportunity on the world stage. We believe that every organisation can differentiate by leveraging technology, and if your organisation isn’t, you can bet your competitors are. We give time back to the CEO & CTO by owning platform outcomes – so they don’t need to think about it.

As specialists in IT infrastructure and cloud transformation, we focus on customer solutions across both Microsoft Azure and on-premises infrastructure for our clients in New Zealand and Australia.

Our solutions

Optimise the cloud

Cloud is as complex as it is powerful. The need to innovate to be successful is increasingly pertinent in today’s business climate. We design, build and manage Azure environments for ISVs and enterprise customers. Our team of DevOps & Site Reliability Engineers are available to help along every step of your cloud journey.

Be smart about on-premises

Parallo is a deliberately-focused managed services business with solid professional services capability. Relationships, reputation and integrity coupled with deep insight and expertise sets the standard for each customer interaction.

Let us take care of your infrastructure

Combine the agility, scalability and efficiency of public cloud whilst maximising control and security within a single tenant dedicated environment hosted on-premises.

Our case studies

Don’t just listen to us singing our own praises. Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

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