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With the Azure platform expertly managed by Parallo, we’re now set up to be at the leading edge of the innovation curve.

Mark McCaughan

Merlot Aero | CEO

Parallo have really blended well into the Cin7 engineering team to give us consultancy advice on architectural direction, as well as actually joining in with the team and getting some of the heavy lifting done and working with our engineers to get some of those outcomes.

Ian Randall

Head of Engineering | Cin7

Parallo manage the Azure Infrastructure for all our customers, which allows us to just keep on rolling with what we do, which is design, development, testing and deployment.
Brett Hancock-2

Brett Hancock

Founder | Born Digital

I don’t have to learn about hardware and servers and uptime, and databases anymore. I can focus on the product and make sure that it is as competitive as possible in the market we’re in.
Danny Ing

Danny Ing

Founder and Chief Architect | Cin7

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