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Specialists in helping SaaS and Software creators scale effectively. 

Cloud expertise for Software Companies

Whether you need a WAFR, AWS  or Azure migration, DevOps or managed service, with over 200 AWS and Azure certifications, we can help you scale your software business.

Migrate and modernise your applications to utilise cloud-native services and ensure your solution is secure, cost-effective and running at peak performance and availability.



Our Services 

Managed Service

Parallo's CPM (Cloud Platform Management) solution removes the distraction of monitoring services that are deployed on AWS or Azure.

  • Proactive monitoring &  cost optimisation
  • Partner support with AWS and Microsoft
  • Expert team of Cloud Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Solution Architects on-call 24x7,
  • ChatOps

Well-Architected Review

A methodical approach and best practices that assist you in constructing reliable, efficient, secure application infrastructure to enhance your governance procedures. Covering the six pillars:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Sustainability

Cloud Migration

Migrate your workloads to AWS or Azure and elevate your business agility with improved time-to-market and experimentation capacity. Parallo's migration process covers four stages:

  • Discover & Assess
  • Design & Plan
  • Migrate & Modernise
  • Monitor & Manage

Cost Optimisation

Assess your cloud spend and receive recommendations for reducing costs (licensing and architecture) while maintaining high levels of performance and scalability.

  • Remove unused or idle resources
  • Right size instance types and instance generations
  • Determine the best pricing model, savings plans


Utilising DevOps agile methodologies and tools can significantly streamline and speed up entire projects, from upgrading applications to comprehensive migrations to the cloud. Engage the Parallo DevOps team to:

  • Increase the pace of releases
  • Improve security and reliability
  • Scale with automation and consistency


Architected Accelerators are used to accelerate the setup phase for you with repeatable, reusable content in many cloud environments of various sizes and purposes. Parallo's modules are:

  • Written Terraform as Infrastructure-as-code
  • Built as reusable modular components​
  • Built with well-tested and customer-validated modules

"Parallo have really blended well into the Cin7 engineering team to give us consultancy advice on architectural direction, as well as actually joining in with the team and getting some of the heavy lifting done and working with our engineers to get some of those outcomes."

Ian Randall - Cin7

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