Enterprise – Apps on Azure

Many businesses do, and will continue to as technology evolves at lightning pace, seek and require certified experts to assist them with the complexity of Microsoft Azure as they turn to the cloud.

Deploying Apps on Azure for half of the platform’s life

We have gathered our stripes along the way; we’re a Tier 1 (direct) CSP, Microsoft Gold Partner and Fast Track for Azure Partner.

The question is, is your App optimally scalable, cost-effective when it comes to changing capacity requirements, and simply taking care of your customers in the most productive way? Want to benefit from low cost cloud infrastructure and automatic scalability plus many other benefits of Azure? Moving apps to Azure is what we do.

App Transformation

Because Microsoft Azure is our chosen technology and our investment runs deep, our engineers utilise up-to-date knowledge, skill and capability to transform your applications and move them into the cloud.

Leveraging our proven 4 phase migration framework, we do the grunt work via our development expertise to lift and shift from on-premises or other clouds to Azure and help you leverage new features at the same time.

Parallo Automation Library

The Parallo Automation Library or PAL, is the encapsulation of over 4 years of hard work and lessons learned managing Azure at scale. We’ve captured that IP in an application (created and owned by Parallo) that monitors Azure environments 24×7 to ensure optimised behaviour across security, performance, availability and cost. Automated corrective actions, waste detection processes, ticketing system integration, slack integration and other features abound. Benefits to our customers – huge! Our highly pro-active DNA is encapsulated in PAL, ensuring our customers get the best out of Azure.

Managed Services – Azure

Parallo is a deliberately-focused managed services company – it’s a given and overarches everything that we do.

Microsoft Azure is our chosen technology when it comes to assisting businesses with the complexity of the cloud – it’s in our DNA. Our engineer’s expert knowledge, skill and capability is second to none and they handle all facets of architecture design, security and 24/7/365 operations.

Accessing resources and Azure expertise is no easy feat with technology that transforms by the minute, if not by the hour. Take advantage of our Microsoft-certified senior engineers so you can get the most from your business because the cloud part is taken care of.

“With the Azure platform expertly managed by Parallo, we’re now set up to be at the leading edge of the innovation curve.”

Mark McCaughan, Merlot Aero | CEO

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