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Our focus is to create and foster an environment where people could come to work and experience great leadership and management, enjoy what they do, be well suited for their role and go home happy.

We take organisational health seriously, embrace sound leadership and ensure we’re bringing good managers through.

If you’re interested in being challenged and feeling valued as part of our progressive engineering-led team, check out some of our job openings or simply reach out and connect.

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Parallo became an accredited living wage employer in 2018. We believe that the minimum wage keeps people in poverty, and in many cases makes it not worth working. If enough businesses sign up to this, we’ll reinforce the requirement for the ecosystem around our businesses to pay a minimum of the living wage, which makes a significant difference to low income earners. If enough businesses sign up, there will be momentum to make it the norm, and we can positively impact the country as a whole.

Employee Testimonials

Parallo invest in their staff, ensuring everyone evolves personally and professionally, this has made it an easy decision to stay at Parallo.

   – Byron Morrison

If you aren’t prepared to be a part of a selfless bunch of professionals who can’t stop growing professionally and caring for each other then just pass by… I am truly enjoying the unique culture that emerged within Parallo.

   – Angelika Shevchenko

Parallo is a great environment for both social activities and development. Parallo are very team-driven, and operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. I look forward to many more years to come!

   – Adam Bond

Working at Parallo is a great pleasure for me. I have been developing my skills and learning a lot. I will always be thankful to the people who gave me the opportunity to work in this this exceptional company. – Muito feliz em fazer parte desse time

   – Rafael Jucio

Parallo offers unlimited challenges, growth opportunities and laughs, which makes it an awesome place to work. Not to forget the diversity that adds more to unique culture of the workplace. You gotta be in, to experience it.

   – Onil Varghese

It’s a dream come true.

   – Paul Hallett

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