Life at Parallo

Engineering-led, people first business with a social conscience. When the founders started the business, the primary objective was to create a sustainable business where people enjoyed working. We want our team going home happy, not going home with work baggage. Our highly pro-active services mean that typically our team don’t spend their days putting out fires, they spend their time moving our customers forward – which makes Parallo a personally rewarding place to work. There are times when the load is high, but overall we strive to ensure our people are heard, respected, have a clearly understood development path ahead, and Parallo becomes the best place they’ve ever worked! One of our management KPI’s is that no team member should ever leave Parallo to do the same role for another company in the same geo. This KPI ensures that we recruit well, pay well, have career development opportunities, great leadership and management, and good organisational health. Being engineering-led (all four shareholders are engineers or recovering engineers and work in the business) we focus on people and customer, safe in the knowledge that if we look after these two key elements really well, profit becomes a result, rather than a focus. We’ve been consistently profitable for many years.

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